Are Breast Enhancement Pills Safe To Use?

Instead of going under the knife, there are many less risky natural methods to enhance breast that have been used by women thorough the world. Those include breast massage, breast enlargement hypnosis, herbal breast enhancement creams, and pills. While most women prefer taking pills as they are said to be completely safe and incredibly effective, a question has been raised: Are those breast enhancement pills really worth it?

breast enhancement pills

Do breast enhancement pills really work?

There’s actually no such particular thing that is scientifically proven to enlarge breasts. However, according to medical studies, female hormones like estrogen and phytoestrogens are the key to big breasts, thus taking pills containing herbs that can produce more estrogen and phytoestrogens should grow one’s breasts.

Are breast enhancement pills totally safe?

Although most breast enhancement pills contain only extracts from herbs and plants which are supposed to be completely harmless to the human body, there is no conclusive evidence that consistent usage of them would be safe. There are, however, pieces of evidence that having too much estrogen in the body would be a double-edge.

Estrogen is a female hormone that can stimulate the growth of women’s breast. It could also help shape the curves of a female body as well as refine the skin smoothness. However, overproduction of estrogen would possibly cause breast cancer. All breast enhancement pills consist of combinations of herbs and plants that produce a lot of estrogens in order to make the breasts bigger. Therefore, it’s not certain that long term usage of them is 100% safe.

What are breast enhancement pills’ ingredients?

As mentioned above, to ensure the safety of the products, most breast enhancement pills contain only natural ingredients. Some of the best known ingredients are blessed thistle, dong quai, and wild jam.

Before buying a brand, you should make sure it is made from ingredients that are approved to be safe by the government. Even though it is 100% natural made, you should highly be aware of any allergy the ingredients might cause to your body.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Breast Enhancement Pills

If you’ve been suffering from obsessive thoughts of the look of your breasts, or if you’ve been spending much time seeking for information of natural approaches to enhance your breasts, you are not alone. It’s common that a woman wants bigger busts, and it’s more common that she doesn’t want to take risky, uncertain processes.

Among those, breast enhancement pills seem to be one of the most popular choices because of their effectiveness. The thing is, there are so many brands outside that one is more likely to be confused which brand is the best for them.  If you have decided to take breast enhancement pills, here are some useful tips for you before putting into them.

breast enhancement pills

1. Look for active ingredients

There is no prescribed formula for breast enhancement pills, though most ingredients of a particular brand should come from nature. Some well-known ingredients include blessed thistle, Dong Quai, fennel seeds, saw palmetto, and bovine ovary extract. They are supposed to produce or mimic estrogen – a female hormone that plays a vital role in breast development, increase the flow of milk during lactation, and stimulate blood flow and blood circulation, all of which help enhance, lift, and refine women’s breasts.

2. Check for any signs of safety

If you are, for any reason, unable to ask for your doctor’s advices, please at least spend some time looking around the product to find if it has any signs or symbols that indicate it has been tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. When you find any uncommon ingredients, look it up on the Internet to ensure it is included in the GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) list.

3. Listen to others

A simple way to compare products is to read other consumers’ reviews. By learning from their positive and negative feedbacks, you will quickly know the pros and cons of different products. However, always keep it in mind that not everyone is the same. That means a particular product would be a miracle to others but might be potentially harmful to you.

4. Say goodbye to caffeine

Beverages that are rich in caffeine such as coffee or tea tend to reflect the effectiveness of body enhancing supplements, and there’s no exception for breast enhancement pills. Hence, stop taking coffee and other caffeinated drinks when you are using breast enhancement pills.

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